About Lovely Lena Candles

Our claim to flame

Lovely Lena Candles makes both beautiful soy wax container candles and gorgeous beeswax pillar candles. All are hand poured by Elena (Lena, pronounced 'lay-na').

Based in Sydney, NSW we are currently a small start up for home made candles.

Lena has loved candles for as long as she can remember, and especially those with a really strong fragrance. Lena is fascinated by the connection between scent and memory. She did a candle making workshop while on a date with her now-husband and was absolutely hooked on candle making straight away, and began seeking out every opportunity possible to make candles for friends and family.

Finally, after much testing and positive feedback, she launched her very own candle business in February 2020. Lena wanted a name that made use of her own (Elena means 'light', so that seemed appropriate!) and landed on 'Lovely Lena' because that is what her husband calls her.

Lena's sweet tooth is a major influence on the fragrances she chooses, which is reflected in her range that includes Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel and Marshmallow (as well as many more!). The Lovely Lena soy candles often boast a simple, clean glass look or plain white aesthetic for the container, which is brightened up with a bold, colourful label.