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These beautiful taper candles are perfect for setting the mood; whether it be a romantic dinner for two or a relaxing bath for some alone time after a long day, they are the perfect addition to create that lowlight touch of sparkle to your evening


...Or in case you just have a blackout and need to find your way to the bathroom without tripping over the cat!


These candles are made from a palm wax blend made from all natural vegetable based waxes that do not contain any ingredients derived from crude oil, making it eco friendly and non-toxic! They also feature a cotton-braid wick that burns beautifully.



dimensions: 2.2 (w) x 26cm (h)

weight: approx 80g each (240g for a 3-pack)

burn time: 7-8 hours each

colour: choose from pink, aqua, white, avocado, silver, orchid (purple), yellow, azure blue, or baby blue (please let us know if you would like to request a colour we don't have listed here!)

fragrance: 20 different options! Use the scroll down menu to see all the options, or head to our 'fragrance range' page to see a description of each fragrance.

We also offer this range of candles unscented, please see the separate listing to choose this.

pack size: 1 candle for $8.50 or 3 candles for $23.95

Pure Taper Pillar Candles (Scented)